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  • Art Theory

    Publications by M. Lingner in his roles as artist theorist and theorist artist | Text

    Since 1972 over 270 art theoretical, art philosophical, art sociological, cultural political, artist theoretical, and artistic publications on art from the 19th century onward.

    Projects on the ‘art of application’ on Ask23Wiki =>


  • ask23!-Repository


    A diverse trove of over 40 text and MP3 resources in the fields of art and culture spanning the years 1963 to 2013, with the corresponding metadata. 

    Numerous articles in journals and compendia, including the lectures held at the symposium “querdurch. Kunst + Wissenschaft” (“querdurch. Art + Science”) on June 24, 2004, at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HfbK), HfbK-conferences on art in public spaces, and on the problematic issue of jury proceedings.

  • Wiki

    Numerous specialist texts as well as artistic and academic project and course materials. Technical documentation and instructions for use of ask23! are also provided.

Archival resources for members only

  • Art Journals and Magazines

    Bibliographical references and tables of content | Metadaten

    Over 1,500 bibliographical references dating from 1904 to 2010 with complete tables of content and corresponding metadata.

    Specialized academic and consumer publications in the fields of the humanities and art theory, as well as journals on art education.

  • Art Theory/History Text Resources

    Bibliografische Angaben und Inhaltsverzeichnisse | Metadaten

    Over 3,000 bibliographical references dating from 1766 to the present with complete tables of content and corresponding metadata.      

    Specialized selection of reference sources on art and culture in all liberal arts disciplines. Monographs on and theoretical works by significant artists. Exhibition catalogues dedicated to artists, thematic areas, and epochs. References to numerous out-of-print publications.

  • Collections

    Containing bibliographical references and tables of content, partially also including full text of art/theory essays, graduation theses, specialized academic books, course materials, and presentations; structured according to subjects and/or year of publication, topics, and themes.

  • Hölzel Transcripts

    Transcripts of theoretical writings from the legacy of Adolf Hölzel | 2290 resources

  • Keyword Catalogue

    The ask23! keyword catalogue is focused on keywords relating to art and art theory and contains 600 unique entries, which may be continuously updated through your feedback.

    To facilitate the compilation of and enable sophisticated access to all ask23! resources the essential keywords have been assigned with the greatest possible differentiation. If you click on a keyword, a list of all resources referenced in ask23! will be displayed.

    A brief introduction to the structure and a short manual for using the

    ask23! keyword catalogue can be found in the Wiki, which also provides a link to a more detailed description (history, structure, and systematics).

  • Philipp Otto Runge


    Written works by and on P.O. Runge from the estate of P.O. Runge | 844 Ressourcen

  • Publications by Students and Teachers from Art Academies and Universities


    Contains full text of 51 student papers and graduation theses as well as teachers’ publications from 1997 onward.