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… “On the net, nothing is for free ... But if you know this, why aren’t you acting accordingly …?”

— Marc-Uwe Kling: Qualityland. Novel. Berlin 2017, p. 255

There are many good reasons to join the ask23! community …

… which up to now has been visited by at least 5,000 users per month …

Membership at ask23! means engaging in a unique artistic/scientific information pool and a high-performance research tool. Your contribution will allow the continuation of an ad-free and purely content-oriented research resource, which is independent from commercial interests, and where your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties. Furthermore, based on its underlying concept and orientation, ask23! is not operated for profit. Possible surpluses will always be reinvested in the expansion of ask23!.


Should we surrender the further development of our entire culture, all of our knowledge and preferences, to the commercialized selection mechanisms governed by Google & Co.?

— Michael Lingner

Ask23! membership includes:

  • Access to all archival resources provided by ask23! (including the Hölzel and Runge estates and Ask23Wiki
  • the use of ask23! as a publication platform
    (also for online publication of the mandatory deposit copies of dissertations, Master’s theses, …)*
  • the participation in further content and editorial development at ask23! (for instance, through text and keyword suggestions)
  • the use of ask23! as an information and discussion forum*
  • the use of feedback functions offered by ask23!*
  • the possibility of communicating with the team of ask23!
  • the option of accessing the ArtistConsultigService, extending the service spectrum provided by ask23*
  • the participation in this innovative artistic research project

* For further details contact:

Standard membership fee per user*:

  • €12 for 3 months
  • € 18 for 6 months
  • € 24 for 12 months